Location of the different fieldtrips will be:

  1. Visits to examine palaeontological collections at the 4 museums in Isaan (Khorat, Phu Wiang (Khon Kaen), Sirindhorn (Kalasin) and Mahasarakham, NE Thailand (5 days).
  2. Fossiliferous Silurian to Permian of the Loei Foldbelt, NE Thailand (3 days).
  3. Fossiliferous Carboniferous-Permian marine carbonates and Permian and Neogene freshwater sediments of the Phetchabun proposed geopark and Saraburi, Central Thailand (3 days).
  4. Neogene vertebrates and plants at Ban Tha Chang, near Khorat in the Khorat Geopark, NE Thailand (2 days).
  5. Mesozoic vertebrate sites of the Khorat Plateau, NE Thailand (5 days).
  6. Satun Geopark Cambrian to Carboniferous fossiliferous sequences, Southern Thailand (6 days).
  7. Phuket to Ko Phi Phi. Carboniferous to Permian glacimarine to temperate sediments and invertebrate fossils of Gondwana, Southern Thailand (6 days).

    Other fieldtrips may also be organized.