Refund Policy

It is recommended that all registrants obtain as much comprehensive travel insurance as possible. However, because of pandemic related uncertainties the following has been decided. 

90% refund if the congress cancelled. 100% of dinner and excursions.
60% refund of registration if the congress postponed.  100% of dinner and excursions. 
(Bank charges also will be deducted).

Because of continuing uncertainties, the early bird registration deadline is now the 1st February 2022.

Covid-19 Policy

  1. Participants and staff who join the IPC6 need to show their full Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
  2. Participants without full vaccination will need to pass an Antigen Test Kit (ATK) test on arrival. In this case participants need to bring their own ATK.
  3. Standard measures including wearing masks, ‘social’ distancing and hand washing are required during the meeting and field trip.
  4. For further infection prevention, all participants need to cooperate and follow the “Guidelines on clinical practice, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of healthcare-associated infection for Covid-19” issued by Department of Disease Control of the Thai Government. (
  5. For more information for travelling to Thailand, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy at your country or visit Thai official website e.g.,